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  • COO , CTO , Director

    работа в Киеве
    Заработная плата: 0 USD
    Добавлено: 2008-08-07 03:44:03

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    Ten things about me

    1. More than 10 years of technical project management experience, including developing RFPs, inter-office policies, project estimates and proposals;

    2. A broad knowledge of programming techniques, networking, hardware, and troubleshooting;

    3. A deep understanding and knowledge of government procedures and protocols;

    4. Strong personnel management skills;

    5. Deep understanding of the nature of technology;

    6. Superior organizational and problem solving skills;

    7. Proficient management of multiple projects;

    8. Sharp intuitive skills;

    9. Thorough and committed;

    10. Abundant energy and enthusiasm


    08/2006 – Present Chief Operations Officer (COO) / Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Kiev Ukraine
    • Execute startup, growth, and merger/acquisition strategies within IT consulting, interim executive management, and private equity consulting corporation. Serve as business development subject matter expert charged with offering customized solutions based on market conditions and strategic business models.
    • Hold all functional responsibilities for Product Development and Services functions, including revenue, utilizations, margins and budget.
    • Review all development projects to ensure reliability, effectiveness and ROI. Develop all implementation processes, including estimating process, staffing, implementation, training and post-implementation support.
    • Projects management, from the first contacts with clients, until productive start, currenty – in a phase of implementation of third release. Planning and control of the scope and budget of the projects. Risk management. Pre-sale and implementation. Project teams leading.

    11/2005 – 8/2006 Business Development Manager, Micros Engineering, Moscow, Russia
    • As Business Development Manager, was focused on developing the Micros research and business opportunities, including commercial development and external partnerships.
    • Established sources to provide information or competitive pricing, market activities, transaction usage and other information about the assigned account(s) or target markets. Provided direction to the customer service representative organization in support of customer needs.
    • Managed and negotiated government and private industry contracts;

    5/2001 – 11/2005 Automated Systems Manager for IT/DHHS, Rockville, MD
    • Designing, implementing and administering new Electronic Document Management System based on Xerox technology using DocuShare and FlowPort Applications/Servers;
    • Designing, implementing and administering new information systems and software applications and monitoring existing systems for Early Childhood Services, Department of Health and Human Services, Montgomery County Government;
    • Planning, implementing and monitoring automaton projects to enhance system capabilities and accommodating program growth;
    • Providing liaison services for the departments IT and Fiscal staff and other state and local departments.

    5/2000 – 5/2001 Project Manager, Verizon, Silver Spring, MD
    • Manage development of the corporate trouble administration system for Bell Atlantic North/South that provides internal/external users with the ability to create, modify and monitor trouble tickets for local and long distance service, tests loops and examines features provisioned on a given line over the Internet;
    • Manage implementation of the Web internet/intranet application that provides the following services for end users using web browser: Customers and Accounts; Products and Lines; Listings; Service Requests; Notes; Follow-up Notes; Bill View, and others;
    • Oversight of the implementation of a complex LAN/WAN infrastructure; effective management and integration of data products within the internal BA network; direct coordination of company resources; and technical consultation to project teams which ensured the successful implementation of advanced network;
    • Coordinate project logistics with IBM, Oracle, SUN, Sybase, and other top technology organizations.

    6/1998 – 5/2000 IT Unit Manager, Office of the Corporation Counsel, Government of the District of Columbia, Washington, DC
    • Established the MIS department; hired staff, created required data processing procedures, and successfully managed personnel; supervised twelve-member team and over 20 multiple projects;
    • Created the organizational structure, developed job descriptions, hired and supervised individual contributors and managers; instituted system compatibility and connectivity between remote locations;
    • Performed risk analysis and served as a liaison with senior management;
    • Produced Annual Automation Plan and Budget detailing expansion schedules; defined hardware/software needs; worked on service and support optimization, capitalization requirements, and planned personnel enhancements;
    • Negotiated contract terms with software application developers and software and hardware vendors in order to minimize initial startup costs;
    • Responsibilities have included high-level technical and managerial support in all LAN/WAN/Server related issues, long term planning for all systems, evaluation of training requirements for Desktop/LAN support personnel, technical projects management, and development of Web based tools targeted to assist in day-to-day operations.

    8/1997 - 5/1998 Senior Engineer, Team Chief, ARTEL, Inc., Reston, VA
    • Designed, installed, configured, provided technical support and maintained Web and E-mail Servers (and other types of servers using other Internet services) in a Windows NT 4.0/IIS 4.0 environment;
    • Installed and supported Windows NT Server and approx. 2000 workstations and laptops;
    • Analyzed design and solution alternatives to identify possible tradeoffs, including Cost/Benefit Analyses to provide managers, users, designers, and auditors with adequate information for evaluating alternative approaches to solving business and information technology problems;
    • Supervised a six-member support team for GSA (PBS) contract at five regional locations;

    4/1994 - 8/1997 Senior Engineer, Cyborg, Inc., Bethesda, MD
    Major contractor for Department of Energy, SPR
    • Developed Web content including Adobe PDF files and multimedia content developed using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and other tools;
    • Managed troubleshooting and hands-on training of users on Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0; Microsoft Office 95 and 97; Corel and Adobe DTP Applications; Communications Software (ProcomPlus, Cheyenne, Reachout, Reuters, WinFax Pro, Quick Link), WordPerfect; Lotus 1-2-3, MS Excel;
    • Analyzed and responded to user requirements, including creating algorithms and defining software architecture components, modules and interfaces; supervised a three-member support team.

    2/1993 - 4/1994 Research Associate, Benjamin Schlesinger and Co., Inc., Bethesda, MD
    • Conducted economic, technical, and regulatory analyses.

    5/1985 - 1/1993 Previous management positions, Uzbekistan (former USSR)

    President/Owner. Globus Co., Tashkent, Uzbekistan (Company specializing in programming and computer electronics for major Uzbek Government Agencies)
    Directed general operations, sales and stock brokerage; supervised 80 employees in five branch offices; developed financial policy; analyzed profit-and-loss data.
    Executive Director. Yurus–Yugoslavian/Russian Joint Venture, Tashkent, Uzbekistan (government-owned company specializing in computer software and electronics)
    Directed general operations; coordinated sales and marketing; supervised 40 employees in four branch offices; installed and tested human resources system; designed and coded interface software for end-users.


    1987 – 2008 Completed more than 15 different courses on various hardware and software
    1978 – 1983 Masters Degree, MS, Business Management and Computer Science, State University of the National Economics, Uzbekistan, Tashkent


    Microsoft Certified Professional
    Microsoft Certified System Engineer
    Microsoft Certified Database Administrator


    1/1/1999 – Present Member of the International Who’s Who of Information Technology
    1/1/1998 – Present The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

    Контактная информация:
    Serge Pavlovsky
    Kiev Ukraine
    Реклама на сайте

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    Последние резюме:

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    работа в Харькове: Инженер и не только
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    работа в Днепропетровске: Инженер -проектировщик , Инженер -электрик , Инженер -энергетик , Проектировщик , Главный инженер , другие вакансии по техническим специальностям
    работа в Киеве: офис -менеджер ,помощник руководителя
    работа в Одессе: Помощник Экономист
    работа в Киеве: финансовый консультант
    работа в Киеве: Менеджер по продажам
    работа в Киеве: Главный бухгалтер
    работа в Киеве: экономист ,бухгалтер
    работа в Киеве: Любая работа , удаленная или со свободным графиком
    работа в Киеве: торговый представитель
    работа в Киеве: кладовщик ,фрезеровщик
    работа в Луганске: Разное
    работа в Киеве: Дизайнер , помощник дизайнера
    работа в Киеве: слесарь -сантехник , дежурный на вахте
    работа в Запорожье: Менеджер по сбыту
    работа в Хмельницком: офисный менеджер
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