Im not paid for this

Im not paid for such job or Im not paid for this is the phrase which you can hear very often in the company while doing an attempt to load somebody with additional or socially valuable job. After analyzing all the cases when people say things like this we can estimate that the person is
  • Genius, which perfectly knows who he is and why he is paid money for his job;
  • Fulltime lazy guy, which is just looking for the reason to get rid of his job;
  • Really loaded employee.

    By the experience all the genius are self-considered and glorious, thats why they need to prove their geniality every day working hard and showing good results. So, thats why we can add genius people to hard working and loaded people.

    After getting two categories of employees, from which you can hear words like this, we can give a good advice to their chief. When you hear it, when an employee said very seriously such words, you should sit down and think, what he is doing, that he is so loaded, may be he just needs to go to time-management seminar or should be stimulated by raising his salary extra vacations, in order your workaholic could better realize his talent and skills; or may be kick him out and forget forever, because it is turned out that he is just doing nothing.

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