Im looking for the job

I will describe in some short points which things I do, when I start looking for the next job:
  • I determine how I improved myself for last time;
  • I think about things, which I can stress on when Im on the interview;
  • I assign the priorities of possible positions and salaries offered, mark the lowest level below which I even dont speak about employment in that company.
  • Renew my CV, deleting things, which can negatively influence the decision about my employment or doesnt give extra value to my knowledge in the recruiters eyes. For example if youre looking for the job of the top-manager, then you dont need to write about your blind typing skills;
  • Check the CV for mistakes, because it is not so funny, when you see the same mistake, which the recruiter saw right now. I can also give somebody the CV to read and correct mistakes;
  • I look for some 5-6 job search websites place there my CV and look for the job between published vacancies there;
  • I call to my friends, which work in the same field and ask them to help in my employment or if they know companies, which look for employees like me;

    Every time, when I need a job, I make job search my own job;

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