TOP-10 reasons of employment refusals in Ukraine (with comments)

Before we start to enumerate TOP-10 reasons of refusals while searching for the job wed like to give one of the vivid examples, telling loud how people in our country get their job. My life-road was crossed a lot of times by famous recruiters and famous recruiting and consulting companies. I had an honor to speak with high class specialists from big companies like KPMG, Deloitte&Touche, UMC. People, I can tell you that completely all of them lack one very important thing. I see already how recruiters, who read this article start to be ashamed-red, and job-seekers start to feel a little bit positively nervous thinking if I really write about that thing, which they also think about YES! My dear readers, I will write exactly about that thing.

The main lack of all mainly without any exceptions recruiters, HR-personnel of the companies, recruiting agencies in Ukraine is that they NEVER notify the candidate about refusal to give him the job. And even more. When a candidate tries to acquire if he is taken or refused, if the last has happened, what is the reason of the refusal, the recruiter in 80% of cases doesnt give the reason.

I will quote an email, which came to our mail-box:
Not so long ago I had an interview with HR-manager in Kvazar-micro corp. The wanted positions was something in the middle of the hierarchy, if to be more exact it was business-development director of one of the departments, something like 15 people under control and 1 direct boss above etc. I was promised, but I even didnt ask about it, because knew in advance how it will be in reality, that I will be notified if I fail the interview and dont fit the position. One month later I called that HR-manager by myself in order to notify him, that Ive found the job by myself and that they should throw away my CV out of the list of possible candidates. The answer was interesting, but as I wrote before expected The HR-manager said that, I shouldnt worry about that, because they knew, I dont fit the position a lot of time ago and the decision to refuse in employment was already done.
So, take this life-story in mind ;)

Now I will give you that long-waited 10 points of standard refusal reasons in employment. The comments are given in italic.

1. You have more knowledge, experience than the successful candidate to this position should have. We cannot afford to employ such a good employee to this position, but the position, which you can occupy is already taken by another guy.
You cannot have TOO MUCH knowledge and experience. Probably you asked too much and gave very high indication of the salary level, under which you even dont except job-proposal.

2. Youre a good leader, but we need a very patient and not ambitious executor, who doesnt have the aim to control the processes and rule the job-flow.
You speak to loud about your achievements and successes, which seem to be not that big and surprising.

3. You can sell things very well, but we need people who can create a product (or vise versa).
In our hard time, when people really can sell something or create something is big rarity. If you were recognized as sales or marketing guru, super chief of the development department then even if they have no such a position they will make it especially for you. In big companies top management knows all free not taken positions and that genius people cannot be found in that easy and playing way.

4. You had too high position before.
We are afraid that our company will be just a way between two buss-stops and they you get off and jump into another bus of the bigger company. So, we see that youre just waiting for other proposals and while doing that try to earn living in our company.

5. You dont have knowledge of English (you dont know how to drive a car or you dont have another easily and fast obtained knowledge)
We dont like you by some other reason, but which exactly we will not tell

6. You have a big family, but the position assumes that you will be out of city most of the time
Our company is famous for high overload and everybody make over hours, but you will think about the family after 6PM.

7. Before you should complete a test-project and write down the answers to given business-wide questions.
We dont need an employee, we need some ideas and answers to questions which you company has to solve in very short term..

8. Weare not sure that such a young guy can be a boss of that amount of people (can be a project leader etc)
Im a bad recruiter and I will never take the responsibility to hire you and advice to people to give you this position.

9. We have read you CV and we didnt like it.
Im not a recruiter at all, so, I dont have any clue how to hire personnel.

10. You live in other city.
Wait while I retire to pension, Im too old for this job already

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